We specialize in investment strategies designed to help meet client goals with strategies currently unavailable from off-the-shelf offerings, including:

  •  Equity & Credit strategies uncorrelated with the overall market, and
  •  Income-focused Equity strategies that are designed to maintain performance in the face of rising rates.


Our process is driven by disciplined fundamental research with an emphasis on long-term balance sheet strength and cash flows as opposed to short-term factors with positions initiated after performing deep due diligence and financial modeling.  We focus on positions that meet our strict criteria of identifiable catalysts for long-term value creation.



Investment Philosophy

  • Price sensitive: we believe every investment has a correct price, and even fundamentally good companies can make bad investments at too high of a price.
  • Winning through not losing: we believe a key to long-term outperformance is to try to ensure that that loses in a position will be limited even if our thesis is wrong or unexpected events occur and that the potential gains must substantially outweigh the potential risk.
  • Managing risk is critical:
    • We attempt to quantitatively & qualitatively identify exposures in the portfolio to help ensure that there are no inadvertent risks to which our portfolios are exposed. We work to reduce or hedge those risks for which we are not commensurately compensated by potential returns.   
    • We look for true portfolio diversification by having a maximum size to any position as statistically uncorrelated positions can often become correlated during stressed conditions.


This information is for illustrative and educational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities.  Investing involves substantial risks, including the loss of principal, which should be evaluated carefully in the context of each investor’s financial situation.